That “Ah Hah!” Moment

It’s happened often enough that it’s surprising when it doesn’t happen.  I’m talking about a new TavernTrak customer’s “ah hah!” moment. We’ve gotten TavernTrak configured uniquely for your bar.  This was easy because TavernTrak is designed to be flexible and conform to your bar, not the other way around. All of the Products you sell from behind your […]

Daily vs. Weekly Stock Takes

When you commit to managing your bar’s inventory with a system like TavernTrak, one of the first questions you’re going to ask is “how often do I need to do a physical inventory – a stock take – of my bar?”  It’s a good question, and you can answer that question by asking  yourself this: […]

Pour Cost as a Measure of Shrinkage

You hear it a lot – “pour cost” – when you talk to bar owners about how their bar is performing from an inventory management – a “shrinkage” – perspective. Running a bar where there is no shrinkage involves your bartenders pouring exactly what they’re supposed to be pouring into every drink they make. There […]

Establishing a Comp’d Drink Policy

A clearly written and communicated policy about who can give out complimentary drinks (“comps”) — and to whom — is always a good policy to have in place for a bar, nightclub or restaurant, and is absolutely critical when using a Liquor Inventory Management System such as  TavernTrak. The first part of the bar’s Comp’d […]

Establishing a Bartender Over-Pour Policy

After you’ve deployed TavernTrak at your bar, it will quickly become evident which of your Bartenders are conscientious professionals, willing to self-police and moderate any over-pouring that they may be engaging in. Prior to TavernTrak’s deployment, it’s quite possible that your Bartenders never knew that they were over-pouring the drinks that they were serving to […]


Welcome to the TavernTrak blog!  This is where we’ll discuss a variety of topics relating to the kinds of problems – and some proposed solutions – faced by managers and owners of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. While the primary topic will be liquor inventory management, we’ll also discuss a number of other topics that might […]