Where Your Data is Hosted (Stored) MATTERS!

Where your data is stored is important when you realize that the Liquor
Inventory Management System’s data includes not just your product mix
and product demand, but also your sales data (because the system must
have the sales data to compare usage against).

Is this really information that you trust other people to have access to,
to store it on their servers and to protect it as their own? Do you trust them
not to sell any or all of the data to advertisers or mailing lists? You don’t
have to be even a little paranoid to see the giant red flag waving over this
level of access to your data.

When a Liquor Inventory Management System requires you to upload
your data to some central server before it can be analyzed and have its
data reported to you, then you’ve lost control of your data before you have
even seen the first word the eventual analysis will tell you.Your system’s data is important enough to protect. It should be maintained
in-house. Off-site backups of the data are recommended for maximum
data protection and those off-site backups should be encrypted with
tough encryption.

TavernTrak is the only Liquor Inventory Management System
that stores your data at your own site so only you have access to this mission-critical data.

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