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What Will My Bartenders Think About TavernTrak?!

Whose Bar is it Again?

Who cares what your bartenders think about TavernTrak! It's your bar!

In reality, we know you need bartenders to run your bar. And you ask your bartenders to do a lot of things as a part of their job:  You ask them to show up to work on time.  You ask them to count change back to customers accurately so as not to be short on their register drawers.  You ask them to be attentive and polite to your customers. You ask them to clean their station after each shift.  Asking them to pour accurately is not a huge, unreasonable ask of your bartenders!

TavernTrak will help you find out which of your bartenders care about your business so you all can make the most money!

Two Kinds of Bartenders

There are two kinds of bartenders.  Most bartenders only overpour because they have never had anything to tell them they were doing so. These bartenders will be surprised to find out how much they give away and will get better at pouring every day.

The second type of bartender doesn't get better, nor do they care about your bottom line.  Isn't this why you are buying TavernTrak to begin with?  To find out who cares?  Now you have the tool to make the right decisions!