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Bar Inventory Revolutionized.

Features: Why TavernTrak is Your Best Choice

An Innovation in Liquor, Beer, Wine and Draft Beer Inventory Management

With its comprehensive set of features found in no other liquor inventory system, TavernTrak stands out as the truly exceptional choice to manage your liquor, beer, wine and draft beer inventory.

Speed, accuracy and a true Usage vs. Sales comparison lead the list of features that make TavernTrak great.

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TavernTrak's speed is by no accident. Literally, from the very first line of code written, it's been our obsession to develop a liquor inventory system that is insanely fast and insanely accurate.  It's what drives us.  Absolutely everything about TavernTrak is engineered to proceed at the fastest possible speed. We know your time is valuable and that you want to manage your inventory.  And we know you can't afford to spend all day doing it.

At six seconds per product, you can inventory a station in your bar - including liquor, canned and bottled beer, wine and draft beer - all in under 15 minutes. TavernTrak is designed to let you to use both of your hands to scan and weigh your liquor bottles - which gets the job done faster and with more accuracy.  No guessing. No fumbling around with pencils or tiny styluses.  You scan, you weigh, you move on to the next product.

With TavernTrak, you can throw away the clipboards and crazy spreadsheets you've been using and you can forget about counting empties. And you can throw away the notion that holding your bartenders accountable for what they pour is some kind of impossible dream.  Because with the right system - with TavernTrak - the impossible becomes the possible.


An inventory system that is inaccurate - based upon "estimates" of the level of liquid in your liquor bottles - is next to worthless. If you're going to make the effort to manage your inventory, then doesn't it make sense that the system be as accurate as possible? Especially if that accuracy is the product of a system that is also faster, easier to use, and more efficient than the systems that are less accurate?

Reliable Accuracy

Here's a test for you to try - either with your current system or with any of TavernTrak's competitors: After you've completed the inventory at your station, turn around immediately and do it again. If you don't get the exact same results, then your system isn't reliably accurate. With TavernTrak, you will get the exact same results, because we don't rely on guesswork, tapping on tiny screens, clipboards or spreadsheets. TavernTrak relies on digital scales that are accurate to 0.1 grams and digital flow meters for tracking your draft beer to a fraction of a milliliter.

Real Time, On-the-Fly Validation

Hey look, as a bar owner or manager, you know the likelihood of being able to inventory a station uninterrupted is pretty remote - even if that inventory only takes 15 minutes! Phone calls ("did I leave my credit card/mobile phone/purse/car keys there?"), visits from repairmen and product reps, employees calling in sick, etc. There's no such thing as "peace and quiet" in a bar - even when there's not a single customer in the place!

These distractions can interfere with doing an accurate inventory.

With TavernTrak, the inventory process is constantly being monitored and validated so that you can be sure that even if you are distracted, the inventory is thorough and accurate. This real-time validation is performed and must be passed before you leave the station you're inventorying - so any problems found can be corrected right then and there, while you're still within arms reach of the liquor bottles you've just inventoried.

And we've said it before - but it's important: If you're going to hold your bartenders accountable for what they pour, they deserve and expect that the inventory of their station is being performed with a constant eye towards accuracy.

Meaningful Comparison of Usage vs. Sales

TavernTrak interfaces with the most popular Point of Sale (POS) systems - automatically importing the POS's detailed daily sales data to provide a comprehensive "Usage vs. Sales" report that compares what was sold at each Register to what was poured (usage) on a Register-by-Register, bartender-by-bartender, day-by-day, and Product-by-Product basis. Detailed Pour Cost and Gross Margin analyses are also possible with this POS integration.

Since the whole purpose of tracking your inventory is because you want to know how accurately your bartenders are pouring, any liquor inventory system that doesn't compare usage against the POS system's sales data is worthless and a waste of your time and money.

Ease of Use

An inventory system that is cumbersome to use is one that won't be used for long. And TavernTrak is anything but cumbersome. The logical "flow" of every TavernTrak task ensures that each activity is accomplished easily, quickly, intuitively and accurately - and with a minimum of training required for your staff.

Native Windows™ Application

More than a pretty set of spreadsheet templates, and more than a slick app on a mobile device, TavernTrak is a native Windows application. That means there's no propriety hardware and no exotic, hard-to-read and unfamiliar user interfaces for you and your staff to learn, master and train new staff on before they can make full use of TavernTrak's powerful capabilities. Anyone familiar with Windows applications will already have a jump ahead into knowing how to get around in TavernTrak.

Streamlined Inventory Process

TavernTrak has streamlined the most cumbersome and time-consuming part of inventorying your bar: that of accounting for partial units of liquor and wine. With its integrated barcode scanner and digital scale, TavernTrak's innovative "Intelli-Count" system makes the process for partial units as easy as two steps:

Step 1: Scan

Step 2: Weigh

Scan! Weigh!

This two-step inventory process means that a fully-stocked station can be accurately inventoried at an average pace of six seconds per product. Try doing that with any other liquor inventory system on the market (Hint: good luck!)

Pool Inventory Constants

Sometimes, the fastest way to inventory products behind your bar is to not have to count anything at all. With TavernTrak's innovative Pool Inventory Constants feature, large swaths of your station can be inventoried in just seconds and with one click!

Intelligent Product Ordering

You know that it's neither cost-effective nor practical to have a lot of capital wrapped up in product inventory that just sits on the shelves of your stock room for extended periods of time.  But on the other extreme, running out of product during a busy Saturday night is also to be avoided at all costs.

There's a delicate balance between stocking enough inventory without stocking too much.  And as you might guess, TavernTrak provides you with the tools you need to navigate this aspect of your inventory operations with ease.  From analyzing what you've got on hand against your defined par values for each product and/or what you're statistically going to use for the coming week - TavernTrak helps you order what you need.

In as little as two clicks, TavernTrak can generate purchase orders for all of your Vendors. After you've reviewed and tweaked them, with just a couple of more clicks, they're automatically e-mailed or fax'd to those Vendors. The ordering process for your bar is a lot easier with TavernTrak!

And when your vendors deliver the ordered products to your bar, you can use the generated purchase order to verify that everything you ordered - and nothing else - was delivered.  As an owner, you can be assured that everything ordered, received and paid for from your vendors actually made it into your bar's stock room or onto its shelves.

What Have I Got and How Much is it Worth?

Depending upon the laws and regulations of the state, county or city in which your bar operates, you may be required to provide an accurate accounting of the quantity and/or value of the on-hand inventory present inside the confines of your bar. In addition, your accountant or controller no doubt is keenly interested in the "Cost of Inventory" on a month-over-month basis, since this is the only way to calculate your bar's net income for a given month. And because TavernTrak excels at knowing what you've got in stock in your bar, generating these reports is quick and easy.

Integrated Draft Beer Monitoring

Draft beer monitoring is where other liquor inventory systems stumble and fall.  Sure, there exist stand-alone products that monitor draft beer - and only draft beer - but until now, there existed no comprehensive bar inventory system where draft beer is monitored, tracked and managed as efficiently, accurately, seamlessly and effectively as your bar's liquor, bottled/canned beer and wine inventory.

Until now - until TavernTrak.

We've teamed up with some of the most technologically-advanced manufacturers of draft beer flow-meter technology to provide you with the option of having comprehensive, integrated management of your draft beer inventory.

Imagine being able to automatically (that is, "hands free") determine the exact quantity of draft beer poured from the taps at each station of your bar - and having that usage compared with the sales data accounted for by your POS system - all integrated into the same Usage vs. Sales Report that you get after you've performed an inventory of each station.  And imagine being able to track the Usage vs. Sales of draft beer without having to do a thing.

It's all transparent - all the work done by TavernTrak - automatically and in the background.

TavernTrak sends out notifications when meter tampering is detected, when line leaks are detected, or when flow is detected during non-service hours.

Regardless of the configuration of your draft beer system - one keg feeding many bars, one keg feeding one bar, or a keg and tap in a self-contained cooler - TavernTrak can handle it with ease and flexibility - staying true to one of our top design goals: TavernTrak should conform to your bar, not the other way around.

A common concern we hear when talking to customers about draft beer monitoring is the foam problem that flow meters introduce to their draft beer.  The flow meters TavernTrak uses to monitor your draft beer are designed for draft beer. As a result, they don't cause your draft beer to foam like other draft beer monitoring solutions do.  Yes, our equipment costs a little more, but if you go cheap on the draft beer flow meters and they cause your beer to foam and that increases your waste - your "cheaper" flow meters haven't actually saved you any money.  The old saying "you get what you pay for" definitely comes into play here.

Easy, accurate, flexible and integrated: It's the holy grail of draft beer management.  And it's only in TavernTrak.


TavernTrak has no "artificial limits", such as the number of stations your bar or the number of products you serve. It doesn't care about how your bar's shelves are ordered. TavernTrak is completely adaptable to your bar.

Real World = Your Business

The hallmark of Great Software is that it is modeled after - and closely mimics - "The Real World". Everything that TavernTrak does, it does well - because it was designed and developed in close collaboration with actual bar staff - owners, managers, barbacks and bartenders. Regardless of what your business "looks" like, TavernTrak can be configured to closely "model" it - and in doing so, is more intuitive to use by you and your staff.

The aspects which may be configured include how your organization is structured, the serving stations and storage locations within each site, the type and list of products you sell from behind your bars, and the serving size of each of those products.

If You Can Serve It - TavernTrak Can Track & Manage It

TavernTrak handles virtually every form of beverage inventory:

  • Poured Liquor
  • Beer
    • Bottles
    • Cans
    • Keg / Draft
  • Wine
    • by the glass
    • by the bottle
    • Splits
  • "Recipe Drinks"
    • Jello® Shots
    • Frozen Drink Machines
    • "Tooters" (test-tube shots)
  • Non-Alcoholic Drinks
    • Cola
    • Energy Drinks
    • Bottled Water

If you can sell it from behind a bar, TavernTrak can efficiently and accurately inventory, track and manage it.


TavernTrak allows users to "subscribe" to Notifications related to various types of inventory activities.  By utilizing TavernTrak's powerful Notifications feature, another layer of "checks and balances" is provided by which inventory is effectively tracked and monitored.

By utilizing Notifications, Servers can receive their own Usage vs. Sales Reports for the nights and the Registers on which they work; Managers can receive Usage vs. Sales Reports for all Servers; Owners can subscribe to Received Inventory Reports when inventory is received from a Vendor (and that report can be compared to the invoice provided with the delivered inventory to ensure that all inventory paid for was actually logged into TavernTrak).

In short, with TavernTrak's notifications, you can actually feel safe taking a day off and away from your bar! TavernTrak keeps you in the loop of what's going on - and is watching your bar for you - regardless of whether you're there or not!

Data Security & Privacy

Let's face it - in the highly-competitive market that your restaurant, bar or club operates in, your competition would love to see information about what products you carry and how much you're selling.  Some Inventory Management systems store and/or process your bar's inventory information on their own servers, out of your control and without you ever knowing who is accessing that data, or how that data is being used, or who it's being sold to.

With TavernTrak, all of your data is internally stored, processed and maintained within the confines of your own bar (or company, if your company operates multiple sites).

Managers Log

Using TavernTrak's exclusive Managers Log tool, your management team can be kept up-to-date on the issues and problems in your bar. Your night managers can effectively give a heads up to the day staff that sinks are backed up, the AC is acting up, that a customer slipped and fell, etc. It's a powerful - yet easy - way to document what's going on in your bar so that all of the management team and owners see it and can act on it.

Software Maintenance & Support

TavernTrak's 'Top Shelf' Support plan ensures that your investment in TavernTrak is protected. One year of this support and software maintenance plan is included with your initial purchase of a TavernTrak license - and may be renewed annually for a nominal fee. Software Maintenance & Support includes the following:

Software Updates

Keep your software investment up-to-date with TavernTrak software updates, which introduce additional capabilities, as well as addressing bugs and software errors.

Database Backup and Offsite Archival

Once you've got TavernTrak configured and tailored to your individual business and have been using it to manage your beverage inventory for a while, the data held within its database is of substantial value and should be protected against loss caused by disk crashes, hardware failures, damage and theft.  With TavernTrak's 'Top Shelf' Service Plan, your data is automatically backed up daily, encrypted and stored in the cloud.  In the event a catastrophic event results in the loss of your TavernTrak data, data restoral from these backups is also performed as part of TavernTrak's 'Top Shelf' Service Plan.

Remote Support

If you have questions or problems with TavernTrak that cannot be answered by a simple telephone call or via a  Support Request, Remote Support allows a member of our US-based technical support staff to log into your TavernTrak platform and immediately provide assistance to you.

Collective Product Data Sharing

As a subscriber to the 'Top Shelf' Service Plan - you have access to TavernTrak's "Shared Product Database".  When you add a new product in your bar, chances are the product's definition (its SKU barcode, packaging weight, etc.) has already been defined by another TavernTrak customer - which means you need only download the data file from the 'Top Shelf' Support Area and then import it into TavernTrak.

Loaner Equipment

In the event any hardware component of your TavernTrak platform fails and requires repair or replacement, we can (subject to availability) overnight you a "loaner" unit until the repairs are completed or your replacement is delivered.