Taking Stock. Every Drop.
Bar Inventory Revolutionized.
Scan the bottle's manufacturer barcode
If it's a partial unit, weigh it
Seriously, it's that easy
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Scan & weigh each bottle in just six seconds
Fast enough to use every day
You can only fixproblems that you can pinpoint
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Every drop in every liquor bottle
Every bottle and can of beer
Draft beer
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See how much goes missing
Hold your bartenders accountable
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Typical industry loss: 25-30%
TavernTrak customer's loss: less than 5%
Cost effective: You own the system
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Complete Liquor Inventory Management

The Hard Truth

A weekly inventory tells you you've got a problem.

A daily inventory tells you how to fix your problem.

TavernTrak isn't the only liquor inventory system out there, but it is the only liquor inventory system where a daily inventory can be quickly done with complete accuracy, allowing you to hold your staff accountable!

Here's a fact: most bartenders don't over-pour because they're dishonest; they over-pour because they have nothing telling them they're over-pouring. TavernTrak reports are sent out to you and the bartender(s) who worked. Now everyone is aware of their accuracy!

The New Normal: TavernTrak


With TavernTrak, you can scan and weigh each bottle in less than six seconds. Paired with a Bluetooth-enabled draft beer flow meter, you finally have a completeliquor tracking system that makes a daily inventory possible and practical! With TavernTrak, you can throw away your clipboards, your spreadsheets, and having to collect and count empties each day!


When you weigh a bottle with TavernTrak, you know exactly how much is in that bottle. No more guesstimating by tenths of a bottle! Show your staff how accurately they pour.

Compares Usage vs. Sales

Upon completing a daily inventory, TavernTrak gives you immediate results comparing what was actually used to everything rung up on your POS (Point of Sale) system. This information allows you to hold your staff accountable - giving them feedback on their pouring so they can pour more accurately.

Easy to Use

Designed and developed with actual bar owners, managers and staff members, TavernTrak is a system that's fast to learn and easy to use.


For much less than what other liquor inventory systems cost, TavernTrak enables you to do more of what you need in order to manage your inventory, monitor your bartenders, automate your ordering, reduce your liquor costs, and increase your profits.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing amazing customer support. We are always here to help if you ever have questions.

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